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Kitchen and Dining Room Key Furniture Pieces

These rooms are the heart of any home. They’re the place where school work is completed, where calendars and schedules are kept, where the dog or cat is fed and where the family spends their time together. It’s hard enough to keep these rooms decently tidy, much less looking elegant and refined. It may seem like an impossible task, but adding a few key pieces can help make them easier to organise and clean while lending an air of quiet sophistication. Anyone looking to do both should consider investing in these key pieces:

Wooden tables are perfect centrepieces in the dining room. A vintage wooden table can look striking in any tradition family home. A high quality table will be sturdy and will last for years. If you prefer a more contemporary look for your home or apartment, steel vintage furnitures like metal dining chairs and chrome tables should suit you quite well. You can find key pieces in second hand furniture stores or garage sales. You can arrange for a cheap pallet delivery service in London to easily and safety transport your furniture from any city.

Sideboards are a staple of elegant dining room furnishings for very good reason. They offer a maximum of hidden storage while projecting an air of elegance and refinement. The top surface provides an excellent venue for art objects from around the home, or, as it was originally intended, the perfect place to set up the canapes for your next party. These pieces come in a wide array of styles, so whether the rest of the furnishings in the home are 19th century Victorian or mid-century modern, there is a sideboard to complement them. Many sideboards will be made out of oak as it is a strong and long lasting material. If you are looking for key pieces such as tables, chairs, and shelving for the dining room, you can readily purchase British made furniture online made from high quality wood. Oak, pine and walnut will be the best option for sturdy furniture and will also look great in almost every home.

Many homeowners may not have an extra room for a dining room, just a small space in the kitchen, such as an island or bar area. Creating space is crucial for a functioning kitchen and furniture such as chairs, stools and tables may get in the way. A great idea for this problem is folding chairs which you can purchase at Mogo Direct. Simple to unfold and quick to pull up to use, which is also perfect for storage.

Homeowners with a kitchen that was built without an island should consider purchasing one. Not only will a wooden island bring a depth and elegance to your furnishings, it also serves a highly functional purpose. Rooms with limited counter space will seem perfectly spacious with the added surface of the island, and those with cramped cupboards will breathe a sigh of relief to gain some new storage for large pots, pans and dishes. Islands can be purchased with built-in marble slabs to provide the perfect chopping station for serious cooks, and those with large budgets can even invest in a plumber to move the sink into the island for added versatility. You can have it built to match your kitchen decor. You may also need to coordinate your kitchen cupboard doors. Modern kitchens lean towards high gloss and handleless kitchen doors while rustic interiors call for traditional or shaker style doors. If you need to rework the entire set, you can buy replacement kitchen cabinet doors online. We recommend the popular for their wide selection and fast shipping.

For serious entertainers and those who enjoy a drink now and then, the bar cart or wine rack is the perfect solution to a counter or cupboard cluttered with bottles. Free up that space and consolidate all wine and liqueur bottles in a single area. It will help with organisation and make a central area for drinks at the next dinner party. Just like any other object in the home, consider the quality of the materials used to create the cart or rack. Steer away from cheap wire affairs, and focus on items made with a combination of hard woods and metals. The pieces will last longer and look better in the home.

These pieces can take any kitchen and dining area from cramped and cluttered to stylish and sophisticated. Remember, any of these items can be found in a variety of styles and forms to match any decorating style.